Meet Our

A lot of work goes into producing beef and lamb this good and over 90% of all beef produced in Northern Ireland is Farm Quality Assured.

For these dedicated NIFQA farmers, it’s all about quality. The quality of production methods. The quality of care for animals. And the quality of the farm environment.

So, when you see our logo, it’s ‘Your Guarantee of Quality from Farm to Fork’!


Meet our beef farmer Sam Chesney from the lush grasslands of Kircubbin

My family have farmed at Cool Brae Farm in Kircubbin on the shores of Strangford Lough for nearly 50 years. 

To act as a custodian of the land in this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is an honour, and we work hard to farm in harmony with nature. The lush grasslands of the rolling County Down landscape are ideal for producing top quality Farm Quality Assured beef and lamb. 

Participating in the Farm Quality Assurance Scheme helps us maintain high standards at the farm end of the production chain. We specialise in taking time to produce top quality grass because it produces top quality beef and lamb, and we farm 130 award-winning limousin crossbred cows and 50 pedigree ewes on 200 acres of land. 

We are also committed to ensuring we leave this landscape in a better condition than we found it, and using its magnificent potential to produce top quality Farm Quality assured beef and lamb along the way.


Meet our sheep farmer John Martin from the rolling green pastures of Greyabbey

My family have farmed in Greyabbey for over 50 years, since my grandfather purchased the land in the 1950s. The area is steeped in history and boasts beautiful scenery and rolling green pastures ideal for producing quality beef and lamb. Today, the land supports 600 breeding sheep and 25 suckler cows. 

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do on the farm. I have recently travelled the world studying agricultural practices in other countries to allow me to complete a Nuffield Scholarship on Farm Succession. 

Quality is my number one priority. Being a member of the Farm Quality Assurance Scheme helps me to meet the quality production standards the market requires. The scheme focuses on high welfare standards for all animals, production of safe quality food and ensuring care for the environment. These core principles reflect exactly what I am trying to deliver year on year. I hope this will help guarantee a future in farming for the next generation.