Steak salad

Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assured beef doesn’t just taste great, it’s rich in natural protein, vitamins and minerals too. Made in the most natural way and with nothing artificial added, it’s the natural choice for you and your family.

Chef James meets Dr Ruth Price from Ulster University to find out more about the health benefits of beef as part of a balanced diet.

Health & Nutrition


Beef is a naturally rich in protein. This high biological value protein contains all essential amino acids needed for growth and repair in the most optimum form for human consumption. High biological value protein cannot be found in alternative proteins or plant-based sources.

Beef is also a rich source of B Vitamins including, B12 and B3 for red blood cell health and zinc which supports a healthy immune system.

Beef contains haem iron – the most bioavailable source of iron, which we cannot get from plant sources. Iron helps in the development of red blood cells that transport oxygen around the body while maintaining energy levels and brain functioning.

Beef is a highly nutritional food that is naturally healthy as part of a balanced diet, when you eat the recommended amount (that’s 70g per adult per day).

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