Teriyaki style glazed Lamb Leg Steaks, stir fry noodles

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If you are craving the fresh taste of the orient at home, this delicious lamb teriyaki style stir fry is full of flavour and perfect for you!




1 hour



Oven Temp

160C/Gas mark 3


4 Lamb leg steaks                              
2 Limes worth of juice                                   
2 tbsp. Honey                                                
4 – 6 tbsp. Soy sauce                                     
1 tbsp. Ginger, crushed                                 
2 cloves Garlic, crushed                                   

250g Fine noodles, cooked                           
1 Red onion, sliced                            
1 Carrot, fine slice                                          
1-2 heads Pok Choi                                        
1 cup sugar snap peas, sliced            
50 ml Sesame oil                                           
4 - 6 tbsp. Soy sauce                                      
4 - 6 tbsp. Sweet chilli sauce                         
(Optional) coriander                                          
(Optional) scallion                                           
(Optional) cashew nuts                                    

  • Combine the ingredients for the teriyaki glaze in a bowl and reserve
  • Brown the lamb in hot pan on one side 3-5 minutes then cover with teriyaki dressing
  • Flip the steaks over and allow reduction to become syrup like
  • Remove from heat, and rest until serving

  • Heat a large sauce pan or wok and add sesame oil
  • Add vegetables and coat with the sesame oil before adding the cooked noodles
  • This process should only take a couple of minutes
  • If using a small pan cook the stir fry in small batches
  • If the pan is too crowded the vegetables will stew rather than fry
  • Retaining heat in the pan is key
  • Add the soy and sweet chilli and toss
  • Finish with shaved cashews, scallions and coriander
  • Serve with the teriyaki glazed NIFQA lamb steak

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